Summer 2016

Notes Newsletter  |  Volume 3, Issue 1  |  Summer 2016

Director's Note

Issue: Summer 2016

There’s lots of news to report from our Museum—your Museum—here at NAMM Headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Where to start though… How about at the bottom. As in, the new carpeting. And some refreshed exhibition displays. And a new logo,...

Soul, STAX, and Memphis Tracks

Issue: Summer 2016

Memphis. When we talk about American cities that have a rich musical heritage, Memphis is surely near the top of the list. Blues, soul, rhythm & blues, rock ‘n roll, rockabilly, rap, hip-hop—they all have deep roots in that Tennessee town....

Rock Star Guitars

Issue: Summer 2016

Before we talk guitars, let’s go a few octaves lower and talk about our current special exhibition, Low: The Power and Beauty of Bass. The exhibition, and the related concert series, have been received with great enthusiasm by the Museum’s...

Jim Harvey—Luthier Spotlight

Issue: Summer 2016

By the end of World War II, the demand for guitars was fueling an increase in production across the country. Many of these guitars were being manufactured in the East and Midwest. But there were a few “luthiers” (that’s a maker of stringed...

Global Spotlight 2.0

Issue: Summer 2016

About five years ago, during our first museum gallery renovation, we installed a touchscreen interactive display called the Global Spotlight Wall in the Museum’s fifth gallery. Its purpose was to celebrate NAMM’s ever-expanding global reach,...

Sunday at the Museum

Issue: Summer 2016

  In 2015, the Museum presented a series of concerts entitled Summer Sounds. With tremendous success. More than 700 people attended and enjoyed last summer’s five concerts. So we decided to do it again! This year’s series of exciting and...