Exhibition: The Banjo: A New Day for an Old Instrument

Issue: Spring 2014

On Saturday, March 29, 2014, our newest exhibition, The Banjo: A New Day for an Old Instrument, opens in our special exhibition gallery. Why the banjo? Well, in case you haven’t turned on the radio or television, checked out YouTube, been to a...

More about “The Banjo”

Issue: Spring 2014

Listening to the music of Béla Fleck or Mumford & Sons today on an iPod, the plains and forests of West Africa seem rather far away. And yet, those are the banjo’s roots. The idea of stretching an animal skin across a gourd and tapping on...

In Their Own Words: Exploring Connections

Issue: Spring 2014

Why is music making important to you? How would you describe the connection you have to the instrument(s) you play? Two pretty straightforward questions… and yet the answers range far and wide—depending, of course, on who is responding....

Membership: Compose Your Own Membership

Issue: Spring 2014

We know that music making is a very personal thing, and that each one of you engages with it in a different way. We think the same can be said for your involvement with and experience of the Museum. Therefore, we want to let you have a say in...

Director's Note

As I write this message, there’s quite a battle going on outside our Museum and in our region. Fires are raging, thousands of people are being evacuated, and many homes and structures have already been lost to the flames. At some point though,...

Development: The 2014 Summer Gala: Sold Out!

Tickets for the August 16th “Play It Forward” Gala are sold out! That’s very exciting news for the Museum… and im-portant news as well, because the summer Gala is one of our primary fundraising vehicles.  Each year, the Museum...
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