MoMM@Home: Bob McNally and The StrumStick

Air Date: Friday, August 21, 2020 @ 2:00 PM (Pacific)
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  • Description

    Luthier Bob McNally shares the history of how created one of our fan favorite instruments... The McNally Strumstick!

    Bob McNally taught guitar for many years, played, recorded, and performed on numerous instruments.  He built guitars, banjos, and dulcimers for a dozen years before deciding to design an instrument for beginners that would lessen the boundaries to making music and eliminate the frustration that comes with more technically demanding instruments. 

    The Strumstick is the intersection of playing, teaching, and building, and a deep love for music and empowering people. 

    Today, Bob and his wife Evelyn are dedicated to brining more happiness and contentment into peoples' lives by opening the door to playing music. Along with their dedicated team of people, they make, pack, and ship several thousand Strumsticks a year from their New Jersey location.

    Show Notes

    Bob hosts streaming Strumstick lessons.  Learn more about those lessons here:

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