Alison Brown Band

Friday, January 18, 2019 @ 7:00 PM
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Alison Brown doesn't play the banjo. Alison Brown plays music on the banjo.

In the instrumental food chain, the five-string banjo is one of the more dominant beasts: loud, brash and very hard to tame. In 1945, Earl Scruggs made the biggest leap in harnessing its raw power, bringing a revolutionary precision of touch and depth of tone. Thousands of three-finger style banjo players have since made their marks, but rarely has one cut such a path or moved so far along it as has Alison Brown. She’s acclaimed as one of today’s finest progressive banjo players, but you rarely find her in a conventional bluegrass setting. Instead, she’s known for leading an ensemble that successfully marries a broad array of roots-influenced music: folk, jazz, Celtic and Latin.  Brown and her husband, Garry West are also the co-founders of Compass Records, one of the most respected independent labels in the music business.

In her second performance at MoMM, Brown will be joined by Garry West (bass, vocals), John Ragusa (flutes), David Rodgers (piano), and Jordan Perlson (drums/percussion).