Ginger Cowgirl

Ginger Cowgirl

Led by San Diego based vocalist Stacy Antonel, Ginger Cowgirl is a classic honky-tonk, outlaw country kind of band. Paying their best musical respects to country artists like Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline & Elvis, and more, Stacy is backed by a band composed of both young newcomers to the genre and seasoned musicians who’ve played with everyone from A.J. Croce to Don Williams.

A key component of the band’s sound is their old-school instrumentation and excellent musicianship: pedal steel and Telecaster chicken pickin’ are central to their musical approach. Nevertheless, this isn’t strictly traditional country; the band’s song selections, widely varying musical tastes and the unique quality of Antonel’s vocals combine for a distinctly modern, indie take on the classic country genre.

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