Besos de Coco

Besos de Coco

Innovative and eclectic chamber group, Besos de Coco, is stirring up a great deal of excitement with their groundwork performances in Southern California. Tap-dancer Claudia Gomez Vorce, double-bassist Evona Wascinski, and classical guitarist/vocalist Lorraine Castellanos formed the trio in August 2011 when the musically magnetic connection was soon recognized. Individually, each of the three women are compelling and masterful artists in their particular musical disciplines. Collectively, Besos de Coco presents stunning musical performances destined for the world to experience.

The merging of talents and influences from each of these women results in a fresh and intense sound that maintains its roots in the romantic music of the old-world Mediterranean, Latin American, and Jazz traditions. Besos de Coco aims to establish an intimate connection with their audiences whether it is through a lyrical soul-searching Afro- Brazilian composition, a pulsating Spanish rhumba, or a sensually driving tango. Besos de Coco commands the attention of their audience with their stage presence and intensity, refusing to become background music. Through this collective force, passionate renditions of art music become relevant and stirring to the audiences of today.

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